Intrusion & Burglary Protection

Benefits of Our Security System:

  • Protection and peace of mind for you and your family
  • Protection for your home or business

Features of Our Security System:

  • Protection on doors and/or windows
  • Interior protection using Motion Detectors strategically placed to give you maximum protection
  • Control and display using a keypad, either digital or English read out
  • Uninterrupted protection with standby battery in the event of a power failure
  • Inside siren to alert you that someone has activated the Security System
  • Camera to view inside and/or outside your home/business with Internet Access

Action in Case of an Event:

  • When activated the siren sounds a very loud noise that can be heard throughout your establishment
  • When the alarm is activated a signal is simultaneously sent, (through your existing telephone line or long range wireless) to our Central Station to alert our operators that there is a problem at your home or business
  • Our alarm station operators immediately notify the proper authorities

Capabilities and Styles:

  • Security System range from basic to full-feature systems
  • Systems are designed to fit your specific needs

Reporting Available:

  • Opening and closing reports allow you to monitor who entered your home or business and at what time
  • Optional long-range wireless transmitter to back up your phone lines in the event the lines were cut or not working due to weather related events.
  • Long Range Wireless to use in the case you do not have standard phone lines at your home or business

Savings Potentials:

  • Upon completion of our professional installation, a proof of installation letter will be sent to your insurance company so you will receive the appropriate credit on your insurance policy.

Customer Service

  • Our staff can help you with all your security concerns and problems
  • Cape Cod Alarm has a technician on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week to diagnose and fix your technical issues